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Models of the BMT 
WGsm Officer's Coach
WRüm Restuarant Car
WRm Restaurant Cars 
DB Standard Coaches 
Basis of the models
Salon üm / WGsm

These two coaches used the same overall construction arrangement as the DB standard second class compartment coach of Type Bm 239 - folding entrance doors, 1000mm wide windows, fixed entry steps and twin-leaf sliding doors. This arrangement has only ever been produced in model form by ADE Modelleisenbahn, and their model would provide a starting basis for the RCOT versions without needing to "cut and fill" to get the correct combination of parts from other models. 

However, ADE coaches tend to sit severall millimetres higher than those of other manufacturers, and in several detailed aspects differ considerably from the models from Roco that will be used for all of the other coaches. It was decided not to pursue the use this model, which in any case was only produced in small numbers during the eighties and is very hard to obtain.

Instead, a combination of two Roco 2nd Class coaches is needed.  These are available in many versions but the models chosen for this project are listed as 44746 (Bm 234) and xxxx (Bm 232).

44746 yields the entrance doors, underframe including fixed entrance steps, roof, bogies and corridor connection doors, whereas the side walls with narrower window apertures will be taken from xxxxx. The side walls with wider windows from 44746 will be used for the one of the restaurant car models.